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Supported Living Houses

Our properties ranging in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms. Prospective tenants have a choice of a furnished or unfurnished room. Overnight care is provided by Sans Soucie experienced team. Our team are trained in Autism, Epilepsy, Positive Behavioural Support and many more. We are supported by the local GP’s, Dentists and CTPLD Teams.

We support individuals by empowering them to lead fulfilling lives in their chosen homes. We ensure that the individuals we place in our houses are compatible. We will support individuals during the initial placement stages to sign tenancy agreements, applying for benefits, registering with local GP and Dentist. We will also work with individuals to understand house management, such as budgeting, putting together a shopping list and shopping, travel training, healthy meal planning, wellness & fitness, managing appointments and looking after their own environment.



We also work with individuals to identify their abilities and strengths and we cultivate those strengths to achieve their desired outcomes e.g. If an individual is interested in horses, we would work with local businesses and farms to give them an opportunity to turn their passion into a volunteer opportunities, and where possible, turn into a paid job.

When individuals have gained the day-to-day living skills and independence, and they are ready to move out of our placements, we will work with Social Services and other agencies to secure accommodation in the community e.g. a Flat, where they would use the skills they have gained to live independently and receive minimum support, depending on their needs. We are a firm believer that these steps can be achieved if a Strength Based Approach is applied.