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"I now work on board the planes I only used to watch from a distance."
Meet SR as he narrates his story...

My name is SR and I live at home with my parents and siblings. When Sans Soucie started supporting me I was not in a good place, isolated and had no social life. I also lacked confidence because I had been bullied in the past. I have a passion for aeroplanes and my support workers would drive me to Heathrow Airport to watch planes land and take off. My dream job was to become a baggage handler. I was supported to prepare a CV and to contact Heathrow Airport and airline agencies from which I managed to land an even better job as an Aeroplane Cleaner.


The same planes I used to watch taking off and landing as a hobby, I now work on-board and earn money from.

My confidence has grown and I now participate in group activities like Archery. I have made new friends and I no longer feel isolated as before.