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"I am now able to travel all the way to college and back without support."
Meet SP as he narrates his story...

My name is SP and I live at home with my parents and brother. I attend college and I am enrolled on a Drama and Acting group, which I attend every Friday.

Before Sans Soucie started supporting me, I found it difficult to be around unfamiliar people and had no concept of stranger danger and it limited my access to the community. I was getting picked up by taxi from home to college and back.

Sans Soucie put together an extensive Travel Training Plan which was clear, with manageable stages. For a number of weeks, I travelled on the train with my support worker to and from college. In the process I was learning how to read and understand train timetables.  Today I am able to travel all the way to college and back without support – which I am very happy about.

I now have the independence and I travel alone. I now know how to deal with bus and train delays and know how to read the timetables.