Activity Radio


Giving young adults new exciting ways of learning and opportunities of becoming a DJ/Presenter by having their voices heard through radio. Learning how to put tracks together, talking to the listeners and airing their own uniqueness. Skills to be gained from this Activity Create own show to Broadcast onto your Podcast. Learn new skills on how to navigate several radio station platforms, to be able to edit, mix and upload sessions on our Current live  Radio.

Activity Details

  • Introduction to radio
  • Navigating on mix cloud
  • Using vinyl records
  • How to record and put on a show
  • Putting together a show
  • Mixing music and editing
  • Creating a own playlist
  • Posting on social media
  • Learning skills to be a DJ or Presenter
  • Confidence and enjoyment
  • Get your voice heard in different topics
  • Taking shows to other venues
  • Building a Career in Presenting and DJ