Activity Travel Training

Travel Training

Our travel training activities are specially designed to help you travel more independently on public transport. Through your own individually tailored plan, you will be trained in small manageable stages.

Skills to be gained from this Activity Independent Travel, Social Interaction, Community Access

Activity Details

  • What is Travel Training?
  • Understanding the Basic Highway Code
  • Understanding Road Signs
  • Pedestrian Road Rules
  • Safe Walking Routes
  • Understanding different Modes of Transport
  • Understanding how to read Bus & Train Timetables
  • Escorted travelling on different types of transport e.g. Taxi, Bus or Train
  • Planning your journey
  • Ensuring Personal Safety when travelling
  • Making sure your mobile phone is charged and has sufficient credit before leaving home
  • Getting to know your route
  • Safely crossing the road
  • Using money, tickets and travel cards
  • How to cope with travel disruptions and who to contact
  • Knowing road safety and road rules
  • Feel Confident to Travel Independently
  • Not have rely on specialist transport or parents/carers
  • Able to access the wider community
  • Have better chances finding employment if applicable