Activity Social Awareness Group

Social Awareness Group

This social awareness group is discussions about citizenship, how and who is a good citizen. Sexuality orientation, bullying, how to be a responsible adult, know about your rights and consequences of bad and appropriate behaviours, keeping safe in and out doors. Finding safe friends and making good choices.

Activity Details

  • Keeping safe, in the house and in the community
  • Scams, cold callers
  • Role of the Fire Brigade, fire safety, Police, Social Services and how to find them
  • How to find social activities, and local groups/friends
  • Identifying safe places and plan trips
  • How to use social media, learn who and how to share information/pictures safely
  • Learn to travel safe in the community, how to read timetables, what to do in case of disruptions
  • Learn to eat healthy, read food labels, how to use kitchen appliances, health and safety, exercising and benefits.
  • Budgeting, know about household bills, different payment methods.
  • Travel training, applying for bus passes or I.D cards
  • Knowing phone numbers for the appropriate emergency services
  • Using internet to sign up for social media and finding friends safely, posting appropriate status updates and pictures, Create emails, communicate with their social workers, parents and friends/family
  • Cooking healthy foods, budgeting and saving money
  • How to manage time, know about time zones and develop good time management.
  • You will be able use computers in a safe manner, send emails, find safe friends and how to report abuse
  • Budgeting, save money, know where to pay bills
  • Know emergency services
  • Plan trips, maintain friendships, keep time