Activity Gardening


Our Gardening course is designed for you to learn about basic gardening, different plants and vegetable types. As well as, developing skills for weeding, watering, planting, and maintaining the garden. You will also learn about the different seasons.

Skills to be gained from this Activity Planting, Identifying, watering, weeding, socialising, plant knowledge

Activity Details

  • Understanding where plants and vegetables come from
  • Different types of plants and vegetables
  • Different seasonal foods
  • Use computers to search for inspiration
  • Knowing about different tools and equipment
  • Using tools and equipment in a safe manor
  • Cleaning equipment after use
  • Preparing the soil for planting
  • Planting seeds, weeding and transplanting shootings
  • Watering and plant nutrition
  • Harvesting your produce and using them at home or selling them
  • You will be able to build confidence and social skills by participating in group activities and give an understanding on growing seasonal crops and flowers.