Our Cooking activity has been developed to help you live as independently as possible. You will take part in group cooking sessions where you will learn how to prepare fun, simple and healthy meals. You will be involved in the whole process from preparing an ingredients’ list right up to serving a meal.

Skills to be gained from this Activity Cooking, Kitchen Health & Safety, Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Shopping, Budgeting & Finance of our users, community and commissioners.

Activity Details

  • Understanding healthy eating
  • Finding healthier substitutes for your favourite foods
  • Understanding calories and food labels
  • Understating ‘Use by’ and ‘Best Before’ dates
  • How to store different types of foods
  • Following health and safety rules in the kitchen
  • Using equipment and utensils safely
  • Preparing ingredients & shopping lists and budgeting for the groceries
  • Shopping for ingredients and getting value for money
  • Reading calorie labels and choosing healthy ingredients
  • Preparing and serving healthy lunch or supper meals
  • You will be able to live more independently and make healthy meals
  • You will be able to make healthier food choices
  • You will be able to have an understanding of the value of money (Budgeting)
  • You will be able to understand health and safety kitchen rules