Activity Budgeting and finance

Budgeting & Finance

Our Budgeting and Finance activities are designed to help you understand the concept and use of money. You will be able gain an understanding of how to keep on top of your bill payments, use the online bill payment options provided by providers, or deal with the issues that often occur with bills from service providers and utility companies.

Activity Details

  • Understanding the concept and use of money
  • What are utility bills and the different types there are
  • How, why and when to pay for bills
  • How to develop a personal budget
  • How to save
  • Personal shopping , bargain hunting and price comparisons
  • Looking into the bills that relate to you
  • Calling utility companies to check when you should pay your bills
  • Using different payment methods for bills
  • Searching for better deals with different suppliers
  • Making list of all your expenses, cutting costs and putting money aside for savings
  • You will be able to manage your finances independently
  • You will have some money set aside in savings accounts for rainy days or items you like
  • You will be able to budget for future expenses or purchases
  • You will be able to keep on top of your bills