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When translated in English, our name says it all “Sans Soucie” simply means “without worry”

Sans Soucie Home Care Ltd is a renowned Organisation that supports adults with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health. Our services are outcome based and we pride ourselves on tangible success stories, which has seen our young adults achieve their maximum potential and independence.

We are passionate about supporting young people to identify, explore and achieve their goals, and aspirations. In order to work toward this, we use a Strengths-Based Approach to our practice.  This is also a requirement of The Care Act 2014 which places an expectation to apply a Strengths-Based Approach when working with people with care and support needs. This means looking at what someone can do, rather than focus primarily on what they can’t, and about what they have the potential to achieve. 

Our meaningful activities include, travel training, healthy lifestyle, day to day living skills, volunteering, placement into paid jobs, in turn, saving Local Authorities money. We promote wide choices; community inclusion and we endeavour to add value and purpose to individuals’ quality of life.

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We do what we do in-order to have a positive impact on the individuals we work with. ​

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